Swedish: åt det senare hållet


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Excerpt from a pediatric assessment:

Hörsel och syn normal. Liksidig motoriskt, eventuellt åt det senare hållet både fin- och grovmotoriskt men svårstyrd i läkarundersökningsmomentet och därför svårbedömt, men ingen sidoskillnad.

"Her hearing and sight are normal. Symmetrical in terms of her motor capacity; potentially [?????] in regards to both fine and gross motor capacity, but the patient was difficult to control in the doctor's examination, and it is therefore difficult to assess; but no difference between sides."

I can understand the phrase "åt det senare hållet" in isolation, but its meaning in this context eludes me completely.

Thoughts? :)

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P.S.: If there's something else I have mistranslated above, please let me know. (For example, I'm not sure I got "svårstyrd" correct.)
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  • This means something like “maybe a bit late in her development”. Doctor speak can be difficult to work out, but I think your interpretation of svårstyrd is correct. I suggest a translation along the lines of “responded poorly to directions”.
    Just a few suggestions,
    eyesight instead of sight
    motor skills or function instead of motor capacity, i.e. symmetry of motor skills ... fine/gross motor skills.