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  1. allude Member

    Hi, what does this phase mean: den öppna sjukvården?
    does inskrivning på sjukhus mean to be hospitalized?
  2. Hi allude,

    "Den öppna sjukvården" is usually referred to as "öppenvården".

    "Öppenvård eller poliklinisk vård är ett samlingsnamn för sådan behandling, terapi, hälso- och sjukvård som utförs på icke inneliggande patienter/klienter. Vården kan till exempel ges på vårdcentraler, Socialtjänsten, sjukhusmottagningar eller i patientens/klientens hem." (wikipedia)

    And yes, being "inskriven på sjukhus" would mean being hospitalized (so the opposite of öppenvården I guess). A more common term for being hospitalized would be "inlagd"; "han är inlagd på lassarettet för sin njursten"
  3. AutumnOwl Senior Member

    I would say that "inskrivning på sjukhus" (written in) is perhaps better to use when a patient is hospitalized for a planned procedure such as an operation, while using "inläggning på sjukhus" (lie in) when the patient gets hospitalized after an emergency visit.
  4. qiaozhehui

    qiaozhehui Member

    English - American
    Öppenvård in the context of hospital care would be referred to as "outpatient" care in the US. But as I understand it, öppenvård in Sweden also includes non-hospital care such as going to your family doctor, etc.

    P.S. Saw your native language was Chinese-- is that right?. In that case it might help to know that the equivalent of öppenvård in Chinese is 门诊 (as opposed to 住院, which would be slutenvård). For example: 住院部 slutenvårdsavdelning, 门诊部 öppenvårdsavdelning).
  5. JohanIII

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    In Sweden we also have Omsorg - care - for children/elderly/handicapped.
    It is economically on the counties, but sjukvård, is on the state.

    Socialtjänsten is a county institution, so for vård there is some overlap.
    And in elder care there are some things done by counties that could be seen as öppenvård.
    And the state always try to stick the counties with the bill :) , and pushes the boundary.

    Öppen sjukvård makes it clear that is a medical treatment.

    I'm not totally current on this situation, so please correct me if I'm mistaken.
  6. AutumnOwl Senior Member

    The opposite to slutenvårdsavdelning would be öppenvårdsmottagning, not öppenvårdsavdelning, as avdelning implies "inpatient" care, while mottagning is "outpatient" visits, for example a visit once or twice a year by a patient with diabetes. An öppenvårdsavdelning would be a ward were the patients are during the day and go home for the night, and go there daily/a couple of times a week for a longer period, for example rehabilitation after a stroke, the patients are "inpatients" even if they're not there 24/7.
  7. allude Member

    Really nice, thanks for your explanation.
  8. qiaozhehui

    qiaozhehui Member

    English - American
    Thanks for the correction AutumnOwl-- yeah, mottagning is the word I was looking for.

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