Swedish: 24 skyddsingenjörer

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    Buena tarde. Este hilo se relaciona con uno previo (Swedish: Försöksverksamhet med fördjupad...). El título por traducir es:

    Leymann, H. (1981). 24 skyddsingenjörer. Arbetarskyddsstyrelsen, Stockholm.

    Mi intento: - 24 ingenieros de seguridad.

    ¿Es correcto? Agradezco de antemano.
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    No, I believe those are two entirely different lines of work.

    A skyddsingenjör (or today more commonly arbetsmiljöingenjör) is responsible for monitoring different aspects the working environment and make suggestions for improvement in order to protect the workers. The English term is ‘occupational hygienist’ (Britain and some other countries) or ‘industrial hygienist’ (USA and some other countries). I am not sure what the Spanish term would be, but it seems at least some sources are using ‘higienista laboral’.

    An ingeniero de seguridad, on the other hand, is surely the same as a security engineer, a person whose job is to improve the security aspects of systems as far as mainly their design is concerned (and this, not in regard to the working environment specifically, but to any aspect which might be affected by the performance of the systems concerned).
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    Gracias por la aclaración, Segorian :thumbsup:. Sí, hay una gran diferencia entre ambos perfiles, y aquí sin duda se refiere al ambiente o entorno laboral. Tampoco conozco el equivalente en español, pero lo buscaré basándome en las dos referencias que proporcionas. Cuando encuentre algo :idea:, lo compartiré acá.

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