Swedish: a car which is at the wrong place

Discussion in 'Nordic Languages' started by Språkliga Möten, Jan 11, 2014.

  1. Språkliga Möten Senior Member

    In school, a car is parked at a place which is meant for some other person. I want to make an announcement where the car must be moved as soon as possible to make room for the original person.

    My Swedish is:

    Bilen är på dålig plats!
    Bilen som har registernummer AAA111 måste föras bort omedelbart från den andra personens parkeringsplats.
  2. Jakub Groncki Member

    Polish - Poland
    Den felparkerade bilen med registreringsnummer XXXXXX måste parkeras om på rätt ställe.

    Det är vad jag skulle säga fast det sannolikt finns bättre förslag :)
  3. gramse New Member

    If you want to be polite you could also say: "Var genast snäll och flytta den felparkerade bilen med registreringsnummer xxxxxx." And you can also add "Den står på en reserverad (or perhaps "privat" is a better word if somebody has paid to use that place) plats."
    But Jakub's suggestion will also send the right message!
  4. Obolensky

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