Swedish: Alva va ugn! (baby talk)

Discussion in 'Nordic Languages' started by Vaskes, May 12, 2018.

  1. Vaskes

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    Here's the whole paragraph. The author is addressing his two-year-old son.

    Jag var väldigt, väldigt, väldigt trött. Och du sprang runt,
    runt, runt på golvet och vrålade något som lät som ”Alva
    va ugn! Alva va ugn!” oavbrutet. Sedan tvärstannade du.
    Rusade ut i köket. Kom tillbaka. Och ställde dig och började
    med vad jag bara kan beskriva som ett sensationellt
    obekymrat ansiktsuttryck hälla yoghurt i en byrålåda.

    Any ideas what "Alva va ugn" is referring to here?
  2. MattiasNYC Senior Member

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    If it's a child yelling then it doesn't really have to make sense. I think the point is that it didn't make sense. Perhaps some people find it funny.
  3. raumar Senior Member

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    That may of course be the case. But "va ugn!" could be how the child pronounces "var lugn!" That is at least how it sounds to me - a Norwegian. Do you know the name of the boy? If that is something that sounds like "Alva" - for example Halvar - my guess would be that the father has lost his temper and yelled at the boy, telling him to keep quiet. And then the child just repeats his father's words. That is just a guess, though.
  4. Vaskes

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    Thanks! It does sound like "var lugn", but we don't know the boy's name and there's no information in the text implying that someone has told him to be quiet, so I think "alva" might be something else. I thought the whole phrase might be somehow connected to the action of pouring yogurt in a drawer, but I can't think of something that both sounds like "alva va ugn" and foreshadows what the kid is about to do.

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