Swedish: ...att ta adjö fram


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I've got the following sentence as part of a dialogue from my Swedish textbook:

Han höll på att kräkas när vi stod i hallen för att ta adjö fram på småtimmarna.

I did a check and it turns out the correct form should be "att ta adjö av".
So is "att ta adjö fram" a mistake, a Swedish archaism, a literary/dialectal register?
Swedish doesn't seem to employ the adverb "fram" in this case...

And also: anything else wrong with the language here besides the adverb "fram"?
I seem to find an awful lot of mistakes in my Swedish course since I got it.
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    There is nothing wrong with that sentence :) Fram på småtimmarna means "in the small hours".
    It is an adverbial of time. Here are some other examples:
    ...ta adjö på kvällen/efter en vecka/före semestern.

    Ta adjö
    can be used without an object; we see that in your sentence.

    And this is what ta adjö looks like with an object. That's when you use av:
    ...när vi stod i hallen för att ta adjö av Elsa fram på småtimmarna.

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    The sentence is correct, but you are also correct about using "ta adjö av". You could actually use both.

    "fram på småtimmarna" is just telling when it's taking place.

    You could say "ta adjö av" followed by whoever you're saying goodbye to. In this case I assume they are saying goodbye to each other so you could say that they "tar adjö av varandra".

    Han höll på att kräkas när vi stod i hallen för att ta adjö av varandra fram på småtimmarna.