Swedish: Babordsgången

I would like to translate name of street Babordsgången (in Ystad town) but I am having difficulty finding out what it means in Swedish. (I thought it could be similar case as e.g. German Rosenstasse, i.e. Rosen = rose, strasse = street, thus Rose Street).
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    babord = port (side), i.e. the lefthand side on a ship when facing in the direction of the ship's movement
    gång = narrow road, typically for pedestrians

    So, Portside Road/Lane, perhaps?
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    ”Babordsgången” (Ba-bord-s-gång-en)= The promenade deck to the left on a ship!

    Ba= left
    bord= the side of a boat; plank; strake
    s= genetive
    gång= promenade deck (ship)
    en= ”the” (determiner)
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