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    I came across the following sentence in a description of a hiking trail:

    "Etapperna är bitvis ganska kuperade och går i huvudsak genom gammal bergslagsbygd, vilket ett antal gruvhål vittnar om. "

    I am wondering what "bergslagsbygd" means. Something to do with mining?
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    As you say it is related to mining! Bergslagen is a geographical area in Svealand where mining has been a big industry throughout history. The word "bygd" is somewhat old swedish and refers to an area with a distinct cultural and historical identity. Bergslagsbygd is thus an area with characteristics from Bergslagen.

    I tried to post a link to wikipedia here but apparently new members can't do that. Look for Bergslagen to learn more about the area!
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    Bergslagen is a district in the middle of Sweden, north of the lake Mälaren, which was known for its mining during the Middle ages. Berg = mountain, bedrock, and bergslag = a cooperative of farmers/miners who had the right to mine in an area.
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    Berg also means rock, as a mining term, so not the topographic positive structure then (e.g. bedrock = berggrund). Geologist here :) , and from Bergslagen to boot.

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