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    Hi there,

    Just wondered if anyone had any ideas on this word in the context of the paragraph below...

    My effort: As a rule, a trader is not forced to put prices in advertisements or other advertising unless the trader simultaneously immediately provides the product to consumers, for example through an ordering receipt

    "Som huvudregel är en näringsidkare inte tvingad att sätta ut priser i annonser eller annan reklam om inte näringsidkaren samtidigt direkt tillhandahåller produkten till konsumenter, till exempel genom en beställningstalong. Om näringsidkaren väljer att sätta ut priset för en bestämd produkt måste dock viss information ändå lämnas, bland annat uppgifter om varans utmärkande egenskaper, pris och jämförpris, näringsidkarens identitet och geografiska adress – detta följer av reglerna om köperbjudande i 12 § marknadsföringslagen" Source: page 8/20 - 2.2 Price information in marketing/ 2.2.1 General - KO Guidance on Pricing

    Many thanks,
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    Hej igen! Beställningstalong means "order form", the kind of order form that you find printed in newspapers or magazines, or on a loose slip of paper that comes with a magazine or newspaper. Or it could be handed out to you in a shopping centre by someone who wants you to sign up for a subscription etc...
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    Hey - hi again! And thanks again! Big help. :):thumbsup:
  4. Lugubert Senior Member

    A common error here. A "talong" is what remains after separating a "kupong". So, the submitted form is a "kupong", not a "talong".

    A sufficiently large (I don't know if there's an official limit) formatted physical form to be filled in is not a "formulär", as often seen, but a "blankett".

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