Swedish: bitten hard by a mosquito

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I was wondering what Swedish word to use, when I am bitten by a mosquito, but it is more itchy than most "normal" mosquitoes? Perhaps hårt, or

Jag har blivit biten hårt av en mygg, och den är ännu besvärligare! (?)
  • AutumnOwl

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    "Jag har fått ett myggbett som kliar något fruktansvärt" is what I would say. We usually say "myggbett" instead of "biten av (en) mygga". You can also say "hon har blivit svårt myggbiten", but "svårt" means "severely" and can be interpreted both as having one very ichy mosquito bite or having got many mosquito bites.


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    I agree with AutumnOwl in everything.
    And "svårt" is used this way for all blessyrer (Sv. "blessyr" from Fr. blessure - same meaning :)).

    Perhaps one could use "elakt" here.
    "Jag har fått ett riktigt elakt (mygg)bett".
    Though I'd probably use that for something a bit worse than more itch from a mosquito-bite.

    NB: mosquito is the kindest of the three smaller flying bloodsuckers in Sweden.
    You might, especially in the north, have been bitten by something else.
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