Swedish: Can you give me the key please ?

Discussion in 'Nordic Languages' started by Barbec, Jun 27, 2013.

  1. Barbec

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    France, Normandie
    Français, France
    I need some help translating this sentence into Swedish : "Can you give me the key please".
    There is no context, this is just something I want to ask to a Swedish friend and I thought it would be funny to ask it in his own language.

    Google gives me "kan du ge mig nycklarna vänligen", can you confirm it's correct ?

  2. Tjahzi

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    Swedish (Göteborg)
    Drop vänligen and you are good. However, if you actually plan to say those words, you'll need additional guidance.
  3. AutumnOwl Senior Member

    If you want to sound a bit more polite, you can say "Kan du vara snäll och ge mig nycklarna" (can you be kind and give me the keys). Nyckeln - one key, nycklarna - the keys, more than one.
  4. JohanIII

    JohanIII Senior Member

    And in modern speech vara is often shortened to va' - I'd do it here (AutumnOwl's polite version).

    Though either version is OK.

    My take on politeness is this: the tone is always an override.
    Sound polite, and you are, whatever wording (and - most importantly - the other way around).

    This is one of the things I think Tjahzi would have you guided on.
    If you are talking to a friend, just surprising him with a few Swedish words, you are most certainly forgiven any errors.
    A smile means more than a thousand words.
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  5. Barbec

    Barbec Member

    France, Normandie
    Français, France
    Thank you for the answers.
    I ended up saying the sentence from Google, and he told me it was ok, but he would have used something else instead of vänligen (can't remember what tho)
  6. Lugubert Senior Member

    As sufficiently suggested, there are any number of better ways of phrasing the question than Google's too literal and the British obsequious use of 'please'.

    You're really close friends, and you're in a hurry: Ge mig nycklarna!
    Slightly less demanding and at a personal encounter: Ge mig nycklarna, va!?
    Depending on the tone, sarcastically or extremely old-fashioned: Skulle du vilja vara så vänlig och ge mig nycklarna? or
    Var snäll och ge mig nycklarna! or
    Snälla (du), ge mig nycklarna, or ...

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