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As some of you may know, Walter Cronkite was a famous American television news anchor until his retirement in the early 1980s. In his book A Reporter's Life, Cronkite states that news anchors in Sweden were once known as "cronkiters", a term obviously derived from his name. This claim can be found in several other books about the history of television journalism, but without any indication exactly when the term was used in Sweden or whether it still survives.

A quick Google search didn't reveal much (certianly no Swedish sites using the term), so I turn to you guys: Was the term really used in Sweden or is it an urban myth? How common was it? Is it still in use?

Thank you in advance for any input!
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    I have never heard anybody use this expression, but on the other hand, it may just have fallen out of use. What we need is a senior member here, who remembers his glory days in the 60's, who can tell us if indeed there was such an expression. If there was, it was probably just a very temporary word, which did not live long. On the other hand, it does sound like the kind of juicy stuff that somebody would add to their biography, because they figure nobody will check it out...does anybody know?