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    I've tried to look for a good Swedish word that would match the meaning of "default", in the sence of: something that one resorts to in absence of reasons to do otherwise - especially in computer langauge: default value, default description etc. However, there doesn't seem to be a single all around term for that. It appears to me that at least "förvald" and "standard" are used in some context, but they seem to have quite a few connotations beyond that. I've seen even blunt loan-constructions like "defaultvärde". So what would be the default word for "default" in Swedish? Thanks in advance!
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    That's a good question indeed. But I'm afraid the answer must be that there is no default translation of default.:( The first word to spring into my mind when I read the name of this thread was standard, which is an appropriate translation in many cases, but you're quite right in that in doesn't carry the exact same connotations. With standard we kind of lose the notion that it's something temporary that may then be changed by the user. But the differences often doesn't matter that much in a real life situation, so I would say it's the best solution at our disposal. At the same time you should be flexible depending on the context, and sometimes rather go with förvald, your other suggestion, if you want to put the emphasis on that it's something which may later be changed.

    I see my dictionary also lists startenhet as a translation of default drive. Maybe an alternative to default value could be utgångsvärde. To just use the English word is another way out of the problem. This could be a wise choice if you feel that no other alternative covers the idea of default.

    All these computer terms are per definition relatively young, which means that we'll in some cases, and this is one of them, probably have to wait a few more decades before a Swedish word is firmly established as a natural counterpart.
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    I believe the situation is described pretty accurately above. One might add that ‘normal-’ is also used quite often. Examples: normalvärde (‘default value’); normalkonfiguration (‘default configuration’).
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    Oh well, I thought there might not be a clear answer to this one. Anyways, thanks for the insight!
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    I think that "normal" also has connotations that you don't have in "default". In Norwegian we often use "predefinert" (that would be "predefinerad" in Swedish). Thhis word has at least connotations of something that will be chosen if you don't make any choice, but one that can be changed.
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    Better: fördefinierat (värde). But in the majority of cases I encounter (mainly in manuals for computerized instruments), standardvärde works best. Normalvärde might refer to a statistically preferred value for a setting that has no default value but must be specified for every run.
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    The Norwegian equivalents of "standardvärde" (standard verdi) and "Normalvärde" (normal verdi) are also widely used, but both "standardvärde" and "Normalvärde" imply (or at least suggest) that the value is somehow established by somebody for others to use, while a "default value" can be changed at will.If you go to a restaurant, the waiter will bring you a knife and a fork as a "default" choice, unless you ask for some specialized tools for eating, but you are perfectly free to choose.
    In other words "default value" is what you get when you don't make a choice.

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