Swedish: dryg + (number)/(quantity)

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  1. Gavril Senior Member

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    How does the word dryg affect the meaning of the following sentences?

    I earned drygt 300 tusen kr last year.

    My cousin ate en dryg tredjedel of the cherry pie.

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  2. MattiasNYC Senior Member

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    'slightly more than'. Of course there are better ways to express it in English.
  3. Gavril Senior Member

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    Is this usage of dryg somewhat new or colloquial? I ask because this usage seems reasonably common, but is missing from many dictionaries' entries for dryg. (Granted, I did find it buried in one dictionary's long entry just after posting this thread.)
  4. Segorian Senior Member

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    It was used by old people when I was young, so it's definitely not new. My feeling is that it was in common use in the 19th century, although it may not be older than that. There is nothing colloquial about it either. The following is from the introductory summary of a parliamentary committee report (boldface added):

    I betänkandet godkänner utskottet regeringens föreslagna justering av målet för utgiftsområde 3. Utskottet tillstyrker också regeringens förslag om anslag för utgiftsområdet som totalt uppgår till drygt 11 miljarder kronor för 2018. (Utrikesutskottets betänkande 2017/18:UU8)​

    It's in all the dictionaries I have on my deskside shelf. I recommend always starting with the SAOL, which has this for dryg:

    1 som räcker länge; en dryg mil ngt mer än en mil
    2 mallig

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