Swedish: erfarenhet vs upplevelse

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    Hej igen --

    Jag har märkt att dessa två ord betyder "experience," men skulle vilja veta om det finns någon skillnad mellan dem två. Förlåt att jag har inget sammanhang att ge er.

  2. NoMoreMrIceGuy Senior Member

    knowledge gained by actually doing or living through something <the hospital is looking for nurses with operating-room experience>
    an exciting or noteworthy event that one experiences firsthand <related in a book his experiences as a roving correspondent for network TV news>
  3. Wow difficult to point out the difference in meaning! But it seems to me that upplevelse is more related to emotions than erfarenhet.

    Erfarenhet is usually referring to experiences that have shaped you, typically in a professional context such as the one given above; CV-stuff etc ;)

    Upplevelse is typically referring to shorter events, such as "bungy-jump var en häftig upplevelse", or "jag upplevde många spännande saker under min resa i Kina" = "jag hade många spännande upplevelser under min resa i Kina". Not necessarily in a positive way though, "bilolyckan var en tragisk upplevelse som märkte henne under många år"

    The same difference is in the verbs, uppleva versus erfara. I can for instance say that "jag upplever det som att 'upplevelse' oftare relaterar till känslomässiga händelser än 'erfarenhet' ", because that's how i feel...

    Let's see if someone else upplever this in the same way, or if they have other erfarenheter in the use of these words.

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