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  1. Språkliga Möten Senior Member

    I have a problem understanding what "försynt" means. According to the dictionary, försynt means

    som tonar ned den egna personligheten på ett tilltalande sätt: han är försynt och vänlig

    But I still don't understand. If I am försynt, does that mean that, for example, I have somewhat weird personality but intentionally tone down in order to please people, or to be in harmony with others? In which circumstances would the word suit the most?
  2. Delfinen Senior Member

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    No, you it's not that you have a weird personality to hide, it's rather the opposite. It's meant as something positive, that you aloud other people to have a saying, and take an interest in that, and don't do all the talking yourself.
  3. Halfdan Member

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    It's equivilant to the English word considerate.
  4. Elektrisk564 Member

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    Hi there.

    I don't think I would translate it as 'considerate'. I would say that's "förtänksam" (thoughtful of others). I would translate försynt as "modest".

    OP, in case you don't know, modest means you play down your personality as to not appear pompous or full of yourself. For example, if a quantum physics professor says, "I'm really not that smart.", he's being modest.

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