Swedish: fattas bara annat

Discussion in 'Nordic Languages' started by glaspalatset, Oct 4, 2008.

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    I saw the phrase at a newspaper article. What does it mean?

    Detta förnekas av kommunikationsdirektören.
    Fattas bara annat. Att så unkna värderingar fortfarande skulle finnas i tidningsvärlden är oväntat.
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    Fattas bara! means something like of course, evidently, something you would reply to a question with a blatantly obvious answer.

    In this context, with annat, it means something like: I should jolly well think so!

    More examples of fattas can be found in Norstedts online - click on the Exempel link or the yellow round icons marked + to see further examples.

  3. EyezGlazed New Member

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    It means "Missing only" (flip it and it would sound more natural to you of course).. Good example is a cheer:
    - Andra sidan är ni klara?
    - Jajjemensan fattas bara!

    really retarded but it sounds good (in this case "jajjemensan" which is a word for "yes" is the only thing missing and with stating that, they are saying it at the same time).

    In your case it would be "it would only be missing that low values would still exist in the newspaper world" (so in your case it's irony which is the most popular use as it emphasisesit more since it brings out the captain obvious of the situation)

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