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    I am looking for a translation of the following phrases into Swedish:

    Front jack socket on black touch panel only

    Touch panel colour: white

    Context: the company produces audio systems with wall-mounted touch panel controls. There are two versions: one with a black touch panel that has an audio jack socket on the front, and another one with a white touch panel that does not have an audio jack on the front of the panel. This phrase is meant to go on the packaging/sales literature to make it clear that only the black panel has the audio jack.

    My humble attempts:

    Främre linjeingång bara på svart touchskärm

    Touchskärmens färg: vit
  2. Segorian Senior Member

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    I think a little more information is needed. First, a touch panel is not necessarily a touch screen (although it can be). I would only use the translation ‘touchskärm’ (or, preferably, ‘pekskärm’) for a panel or screen capable of showing images. Often, wall-mounted touch panels are simply flat surfaces with virtual buttons. ‘Pekpanel’ can be used for this.

    Jack socket is probably correctly translated as ‘linjeingång’ in this context, but ‘främre linjeingång’ sounds strange because it suggests that there is also a ‘bakre’ (rear) socket. Presumably, the terminology front jack socket simply means that the panel with the touch buttons (or touch screen, as the case may be) also has a jack socket, which means that we could use the translation ‘Endast den svarta pekpanelen har linjeingång’.
  3. Agrippina2 New Member

    German - Austria
    Thank you, Segorian :)

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