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Discussion in 'Nordic Languages' started by Stoggler, Feb 1, 2013.

  1. Stoggler

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    What is the Swedish word for Gaelic?

    The reason for asking is that the Swedish-language Wikipedia spells it gäliska but Folkets Lexikon has gaeliska. Neither offers the other version as an alternative.

    Which one is correct? Or are both acceptable?

    And how is the initial [g] pronounced? Is it a /g/ or a /j/ sound?

  2. Tjahzi

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    I wouldn't say that the word is common enough for any of them to be regarded as standard. However, to me, the form gaeliska seems more natural, but that's probably because I'm influenced by English. For the same reason, I would probably pronounce it as ['gejlɪska] rather than ['gɛ:lɪska]. I believe most people would keep the [g] however, based on the English pronunciation as well.
  3. AutumnOwl Senior Member

    Svenska Akademiens ordlista have only the form gaeliska.
  4. I would also spell it as gaeliska. Not sure how I would pronounce it though, as it is not a common word to use (for me at least).
  5. JohanIII

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    Gaeliska. Med g. Och mitt uttal är omvänt mot Tjahzis.

    (Gäliska ser ut som, och med j även låter som... fiskspråk :D )
  6. Lugubert Senior Member

    men Nationalencyklopedin har enbart gäliska, och jag uttalar det ['gɛ:lɪska].

    Jämför med

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