Swedish: "god" and "bra"


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Hello Dalian!
Don't know if anyone answered your question- it was posted quite awhile ago, but maybe I can help.
Yes, "god" and "bra" both mean good but are used in different context. If you don't mind a little grammar...

"God" is (usually) an adjective meaning good,kind pleasant or tasty. As an adjective it agrees with the noun it describes. (Don't know if you know but Swedish has two genus - one called neutrum ( ett ägg) - an egg and the other reale, e.g. en kaka- a cookie or cake. "God" must agree both with genus and number.. which means that you have three forms of "god"
en god kaka - a good cake
ett gott ägg - a good egg
(tre) goda kakor - three good cakes
"Bra" can also be used as an adjective (or more correctly as a predicative) as an attribute, usually with the verb to be- att vara-e.g. Han är bra - he is good (at doing something), Filmen är bra- It's a good movie (The movie is good)
Han är god -he is good (in the sense of being a good person) or Den (kakan) är god - It (the cookie)is good (referring to taste).

Bra is more often used as an adverb, meaning well, first-rate, e.g.
Hon dansar bra.- She is a good dancer. (She dances well)
Det fungerar bra. - It works well.
Mår du bra? - Are you feeling ok?
Inte så bra - Not so good

"Bra" will not change its form in agreement with subject or other adverbs (It does however have irregular forms in comparative or superlative..but that would be another lesson.)

Hope you can make sense of the above!
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