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What is the meaning of "grön mat"? I was wondering if it meant vegetarian, the colour green or environmentally-friendly. Or perhaps some ambiguous combination of the above?

It is used in the title of a book Blå berg - Grön mat - Orange vin, which is mainly about Georgian food, and so far I have found a couple of pieces of text in the book that provide a bit more context:

The first comes form what is supposed to be an explanation of the title: Georgisk mat är grön; landet som altsedan 400-talet har ägnat över hälftan av årets dagar åt att fastar, har utvecklat en rikedom av gode vegetariske rätter.

Then later: I västra Georgien är maten flexitarisk med många gröna rätter, någon kyckling eller kalkon kan förstås slinka in på bordet som tillbehör till festen.

Thank you for you attention, and I apologise for any typos in the Swedish.

Edit: It is worth mentioning that the book was published very recently
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    Grön mat is not a very common expression, but it is usually synonymous with vegetarisk mat. Although some people may favour it because of the connotation ‘green’ = ‘good for the environment’, I don't think it can refer to meat, however environmentally-friendly produced.

    (Of course, depending on the context, grön mat sometimes simply means food that is actually green.)