Swedish: Här finns spring i benen


There is this interview in a newspaper, and the owner of the dogs says

...De tre hundarna kommer glatt skuttande när deras matte visslar dem till sig.

"Här finns det mycket spring i benen"

What does she mean?
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    A lot of energy to run around with. If you see "spring" here as a resource that is used up by running it should make sense.


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    There's a literary reference in this phrase from an immensely popular song written by Astrid Lindgren, Idas sommarvisa, which describes what happens when summer is coming. The last four lines go "och jag gör så roliga ställen/där barna kan springa omkring/då blir barna fulla av sommar/och benen blir fulla av spring"

    To my knowledge, Astrid Lindgren 'invented' this phrase for describing that energy for running around that children have, and because of the song's popularity, you will also find umpteen thousand references to it all over the place.