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I've always use the word hörnet (hörn) when I wanted to say "the corner", but recently I've seen another word, hörnan (hörna), used in the same sense.

Lexin translated both as "corner", so I'm wondering if there is any difference in meaning between these two words or if the difference is just stylistic?
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    Hörn or hörne seem to be the standard way to denote both the inside and outside of a corner. Hörna denotes the inside of a corner (or a cornerkick in football). However, hörna is rarely used to denote an empty corner but rather a something in a corner. The more I think of it, it appears to me that it can also denote a something at a corner. A googling shows 90%+ of the hits of "hörna" are smaller stores, various media columns or pubs/restaurants. So "something, usually but not necessarily, of/in/at the inside a corner".

    To me however, the issue here is the (possible) differences between hörn and hörne. I previously believed them to be the inside and outside of a corner respoectively. That no longer seems likely and googling indicates that hörne could just be an alternative, clearly less used, form of hörn. Results are not overly trustwortyh however, since some many forms are shared:


    I would very much appreciate if other Swedes would have a say on this. How, it at all, do you use hörne?

    I believe that answered the question, but if not please do ask.


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    I would very much appreciate if other Swedes would have a say on this. How, it at all, do you use hörne?

    This is the first time I ever hear of the word "hörne", and it's apparently not listed in Svenska Akademiens ordlista. Is it maybe some kind of regional version?


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    Det låter ju lovande, med tanke på att jag är uppvuxen i Göteborg och först på senare år noterat att hörn och hörne var två olika former av samma sak (eller kanske inte, se ovan...).

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    Jag är från Västergötland, jag använder hörne ibland. Ett hörn för mig är nog kantigare än ett hörne, ett hörne är lite mjukare eventuellt, men jag tror jag blandar hej vilt.