Swedish: Ha det grymt

Discussion in 'Nordic Languages' started by littlemonica, Nov 6, 2008.

  1. littlemonica New Member

    Ha det grymt.Whats the translation in English or Spanish?
  2. USB-anslutning Senior Member

    Swedish - Sweden
    Just a slang version of "Ha det bra". It means something like "take care".
  3. littlemonica New Member

    thanks a lot!!!!!!!!!
  4. Andreas_Jensen Senior Member

    What does "grymt" really mean?

    It sounds like "Ha det grimt!" (grimt = "ugly" in Danish) :)
  5. USB-anslutning Senior Member

    Swedish - Sweden
    Grym means something like "cruel" in Swedish but in slang it's used similarly to awesome is used in English.
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