Swedish: He said he ran into "that Swedish girl"

Discussion in 'Nordic Languages' started by Osceana, Feb 27, 2013.

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    Hejhej. I am trying to translate this sentence, but I am mostly unsure how to translate "ran into"- as in, he encountered her by chance (not actually physically bumped into her). Is there a phrase for this in Swedish like in English?

    He said he ran into "that Swedish girl", but he did not specify which one.

    My attempt: Han sa att han (ran into) "den svensk tjejen" men han angav inte vilken.

    Tack mycket!
  2. Åvävvla Member

    I'd say "stötte på" (inf. stöta) is the usual way to express it, but do notice that the stress falls on "på". If you stress "stötte" it means "come on to".
  3. Åvävvla Member

    Oh, and also: if you want to say "that Swedish girl" I'd go for "den där svenska tjejen". (Cf. "den svenska tjejen"=the Swedish girl)

    And "angav" gives a formal tone to the sentence. Colloquially (sp?) the straight forward "sa(-de)" is better, but it depends on what kind of tone you want to convey.
  4. JohanIII

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    Han sa han sprang på "den där svenska tjejen", men han sa inte vilken.

    Han sa att... would be correct, but it's often omitted in speech.
    Angav doesn't fit here (too formal), even though it's formally (sic) correct.
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    Tack så mycket för denna insikt! Det är mycket hjälpsam.

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