Swedish: how are you?

  • Hi Ganda!
    I will put the answer to your question in this thread instead.
    You asked how to say; "How are you?".
    My attempt: "Hur mår du?"
    We have three letters that doesn't exist in the english alphabet. Those are; å,ä,ö.
    They look like "a" and "o", but isn't pronounced like that at all.
    So the proper pronouncement would be; "Hur more du?"

    "Hope you´re doing fine"=
    "Jag hoppas att du mår bra!"
    Jag=I, hoppas=hope, att=that, du=you, mår=feel, bra=good or fine.

    look at the nordic pronouncement in my answer to; "Tino no" in this link:

    Hope that this will help you! If you have any other questions please ask them!
    /Rasmus from Sweden
    Rasmus, I split the threads because according to the rules you are supposed to stay within topic. Please refrain from taking replies back to old threads.