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Hello all,

What exactly does "i två pass" mean in the following passage?

Sedan vi ännu ett par gånger korsat älfven, utmynnar vår dal i vidsträckt öppen terräng, blott i fjärran begränsad af berg. Älfven korsar denna slätt åt NO, under det att vi styra kosan mot SO. I norr aftecknar sig i två pass den nyligen öfverskridna, så svårtillgängliga bergskedjan. På den södra sluttningen visade sig vida mindre snö än på den norra. (Sven Hedin, Asien: tusen mil på okända vägar (Stockholm, 1903), vol. 2, p. 331.)

All other instances of "i två pass" that I managed to find by googling seem to refer to dividing something time-wise into two shifts/turns/periods, but that doesn't make much sense in the above context. Is he saying that they crossed the mountain-chain via two passes (which they did, as it is described on the previous few pages of the book)? But in that case why isn't the word order something like "den i två pass nyligen överskridna"? Or is the indended meaning something like "the mountain chain shows itself with two passes", and I'm getting confused simply because English wouldn't use "in" for this kind of thing?

Thanks in advance for any help.
  • Hejsan!
    In this context pass means bergspass = "mountain pass"
    That he writes i två pass is confusing. As I understand it he looks north, and he can see the outlines of two mountain passes in the mountain range that they crossed earlier.