Swedish: I'd like to have coffee a little later.

Discussion in 'Nordic Languages' started by Språkliga Möten, Mar 31, 2011.

  1. Språkliga Möten Senior Member

    I'd like to know the expression when I want to ask the cashier at a lunch restaurant for this coupon where I can take coffee later.

    Is "Kan jag få kafe senare?" enough?
  2. Muzze Member

    I will try to help you, but I am not sure that I undestand what you mean.

    But normally you just buy a coffe anf then you say "en kaffe tack" or "kan jag få en kaffe tack?" or something like that.

    If some place have a strange coupon system and you want a coupon you say for example "Kan jag få en kaffe kupong tack" or something like that. You can maybe say "Jag vill ha en kaffe senare, kan jag få en kupong?".

    Please not that you will probably get nothing if you dont pay for it...
  3. Sepia Senior Member

    High German/Danish
    What do you call the free refill? (If that is still the general system in Sweden)
  4. AutumnOwl Senior Member

    "Påtår ingår" or sometimes "påfyllning ingår".
  5. Muzze Member

    Nowdays you often have to ask if free refill is included, my experience is that if you ask you often get it, "ingår påtår?"

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