Swedish: inte ens


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A detective has come to the appartment of a member of "Special investigations" team who investigates the murder of his colleague. He suspects her of not doing enough to find the murderer(s). She says:

FATIMA: Nåt av alla gäng som ni gjort tillslag mot mördade Ruda. Varför mörkar du det?
HASSEL: Om det kom därifrån så skulle inte jag ens vara här. Prata med mig nu. Vad gör ni? Vad jobbar du med? Har du nåt spår? Gör du nånting över huvud taget? Vill du lösa det här?

Does he say: "If a gang murdered him, I would not have come here?" or "... I would not be alive either?"
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    Definitely not "would not have come", "would not even be here" seems a better translation ("att vara" = "to be")... BUT, without further context it's hard to know the actual meaning. I would think it's certainly possible that it essentially means he feels he would have been dead if it was a gang that was responsible.
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