Swedish: jag är ledsan, förlåt

Discussion in 'Nordic Languages' started by Språkliga Möten, Nov 17, 2013.

  1. Språkliga Möten Senior Member

    What would be the difference, if I want to say that I am sorry for what I did to someone, between "Jag är ledsan att..." and "Förlåt att..."?
  2. Elektrisk564 Member

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    I'm not a native speaker of Swedish so this is just my interpretation of it, but I'd say "förlåt" is used when it's your fault for whatever you're saying sorry for, such as in "Förlåt att jag kom inte." (Sorry that I didn't come.) and I'd say "Jag är ledsen" would be synonymous with "Jag beklagar" (roughly, 'my condolences') for something you feel empathy, but you don't take ownership for. For example, "Jag beklagar att din son dog. / Jag är ledsen att din son dog." - "I'm sorry your son died." (it isn't your fault their son died, but you feel bad for them).

    We should wait to see what a native says.
  3. dekkers New Member

    You can use either one. "Jag är ledsen (för) att jag ..." "Förlåt (för) att jag ..."

    Which one a swedish person would prefer depends on the context.

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