Swedish: keywords/descriptors/abbreviations in a Swedish dictionary?


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I'm sometimes looking up words in svenska.se – Akademiens ordböcker and it's very useful to find the meaning of new words as well as the variations.
However there are keywords for every definition (I don't know if they are named keywords or descriptors or blah, because I don't even know how they're called in my own language (spanish).
For example:

plugg substantiv ~et; pl. ~ 1 knappast pl.; ⟨vard.⟩ läsning för inlärning2 ⟨vard.⟩ skola

I understand that "~et" means that it is an "et" word,
but "pl"? plural? But what does it mean in this context?
"knappast pl."? "Hardly plural", like this word is hardly used in plural?
"vard."? No idea here.

Well, there are a lot of this little words here and there, so if anyone has some online resource where I can look those up too, I'd be very thankful.

  • DonHolgo

    At the top of the page there's "Hjälp" with the subitem "Förkortningar SAOB": "pl." is "plural", "vard." is "vardagligt".

    "~" is an abbreviation for the word itself, "plugg" here. So "~et; pl. ~" means that the determinate form is "plugget" and the plural is "plugg". And yes, meaning 1 is hardly used in the plural.