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    Hello everybody

    I would like to know an equivalent of this sentence which appears in many schlager and dansband songs, since I find "come back to me" too literal and ambiguous.

    Hej, kom ut till mig
    Fast du är tjej så är du helt okey


    Carlos M.S.
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    The lyrics you have written is from "Tommy tycker om miig" and if you check the lyrics, the first line is "Min mamma hon säger: Stanna hemma ikväll,
    du var ju faktiskt ute igår."
    , so in this case it means "come out(doors) to me", something like let's go out tonight. The words "kom ut till mig" is also in the song "Sara" and also there it means "come out to me", the man is outdoors and wants the woman to join him there.
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    More context, this time from the song "Eloise" by Arvingarna:
    Längtar efter dig och nu står jag här utanför din dörr
    När jag nu ringer på, öppnar du då
    Eller vill du att jag ska gå?
    Så jag ber dig, kom ut till mig
  4. AutumnOwl Senior Member

    The same as above, the man wants the woman to come out to him, he's standing outside her door, she is indoors, he wants to take her out, there is no knowledge here whether they have been a couple before or not, so we don't know if it's a first date or if he wants her back after a split.

    In Swedish "komma ut" means come out, for example if a child rings on the door and wants to ask a friend to go out and play with them, they will ask "vill (får) du komma ut och leka med mig?", would you like (are you allowed) to come out to play with me?
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