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Please realize that my Swedish is very poor.
I am looking to translate a phrase based off of a work by John Bauer. My intent is to say “the forest king”, as sjökungen in Agneta och Sjökungen means “the sea king.”
My best guess is skogkungen, but as I said my Swedish is not at all good.

Thank you for any help.

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  • MattiasNYC

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    I agree with Anna here.

    An interesting tidbit (?) is that the pronunciation of just "skogkungen" would likely be "skokungen" (the king of shoes) as the "g" would get dropped (correctly or not).


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    I have to disagree with Svenke. Skogskungen would be the correct Swedish word.
    I agree with Swedish Anna. Unfortunately, the rules of how to form compound words are not entirely regular - sometimes you need to insert an interfix -s- and sometimes you don't. I've seen a paper about it but cannot find it at the moment.


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    Compound nouns are tricky in Norwegian too. At the legevakt I correctly heard my medical diagnosis. But I thought I had "the herring of hell", and it turned out to be "hell fire".
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