Swedish: längre hävarm


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Another quote from a physiotherapist's assessment of a patient with shoulder problems:

Provokationstester: cuff o biceps [...] ingen smärta vid specifika test, dock generellt svag vid provokation vid längre hävarm [...]

"hävarm" = ?

Some of the tests described involve lifting one's arms, which may explain the meaning of häv- here.

But that doesn't explain "längre" -- if "hävarm" refers to one of the patient's arms, then "längre hävarm" implies that he has arms of uneven length.

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  • Hävarm can simply be the same as hävstång: ‘lever’, ‘bar providing leverage’. In a more technical sense, it is the same as hävstångsarm: ‘load arm’ (the part of the lever actually providing leverage, in other words the distance between the fulcrum and the point where effort is applied).