Swedish: Lasse Lönndahl (pronunciation)

  • Hej! I posted a reply with a link to a Youtube video where you can hear the name pronounced, but Youtube links are not allowed here, so it was deleted 🙁 But if you go to Youtube and search for "MIDNATTSTANGO, LASSE LÖNNDAHL, BINGOLOTTO 1996" you will find the clip and hear how "Lasse Lönndahl" is pronounced.
    Ha en fin dag!
    Well, I need an IPA transcription to be honest. I tried to transcribe it by myself: [ˈlasə ˌlœndɑːl]. I don't know whether the tones are right or not.
    /'lasːɛ 'lœnˌdɑːl/
    ([ə] for unstressed /ɛ/ is also common, though slightly less so in the Stockholm area IIRC)