Swedish: Love

Mononen from Sweden

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Sweden, Swedish
I would happily help to translate english into swedish, if somone needs that. I think that I should do my part at this forum.
/Rasmus from Sweden
  • Hi!
    My attempt: "Jag älskar dig. Kärlek är inget vapen det är en gåva."

    But if you want to pronounce it properly it would be;
    "Jag elskar day. Cheerleck er inget vapen, det er en gova."

    If you have seen "Lord of the rings" when they speak the nordic-language, you can hear how to pronounce it the right way.

    If you want the words, it´s like this:
    "Jag=I, älskar=love, dig=you. Kärlek=love, är=is, inget=not, vapen=a weapon, det=it, är=is, en=a, gåva=gift." Very simple! *smile*