Swedish: Man fick sticka ut...

Hi, guys.

I ran into a Swedish sentence that makes me mixed up.
It's like following:

Man fick sticka ut, man fick vara lite galen eller lite svart så länge det skedde på ett estetiskt sätt.

In English it's a bit 'freely' interpreted like following:

You were allowed to be a little bit of an individual as long as you did it tastefully.

I'd appreciate if anyone of you give me the slightest idea to understand the meaning of it. Thanx.
  • blackspire

    Hmm, I'll give it a shot but even as a native speaker I must say I'm not certain what they mean with "lite svart".

    You were allowed to be different, you were allowed to be a bit mad or a bit black as long it was in an aestethical way.

    Lite svart means a bit black/slightly black. I don't know what they mean by that. Maybe it means depressed.
    Thanx so much!
    It was from a novel by Lindqvist, Swedish novelist, whom I admire so much.
    I read his recent novel both in English and Swedish.
    Don't know about Swedish at all but the English version seems to be translated to freely, so I was using the original work as a guide.
    Again, Thank you!!