Swedish: moskojs


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The word "moskojs" is in the chapter called "Blodmos i Haganorra" from the book "Dogge" by Mikael Engström.
There has been a car accident and a man is lying on the ground with his leg badly hurt.
Someone asks him if he has pain: "- Har du ont?".
Another one responds:
"- Klart han har ont, skrek Larsa. Det är ju bara moskojs av allt. Och kolla, jag är också nerblodad. Fy fan!".

I have of course an idea of what it means: it has to be a "blodmos" as the name chapter explains.
But can anyone explain the word "moskojs"?
  • Hejsan! There is a dish called lapskojs (mashed potatoes mixed with small pieces of meat), maybe that's an inspiration for the word moskojs.
    Vänliga hälsningar,
    Tack ska du ha!

    I also found out that he word "lapskojs" actually exists in my own language (Dutch), spelled "labskous".
    I had never heard of that.