Swedish: "nit" a euphemism for "skit"?


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I'm watching a show on Netflix in English with Swedish subtitles. A character is searching for her iguana and says "Where the heck are you? Lizard!" The subtitles read, "Nit. Ödla!" Could "nit" be a euphemism for "skit"?
  • Swedish Anna

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    Very confusing :confused: Maybe the translator thought about the fact that the person didn't succeed in finding the lizard. Personen gick på en nit.
    I've never heard nit used as an euphemism for skit.
    You have to contact the translator or Netflix and ask! :)

    Gå på en nit - "get nowhere, be fooled"
    Dra en nit(lott) - "draw a blank"
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