Swedish: Ordning och reda, löning på fredag

Discussion in 'Nordic Languages' started by I Love Swedish, Feb 9, 2013.

  1. I Love Swedish New Member

    Jag hörde uttrycket "Ordning och reda, löning på fredag" i tv. Varifrån kommer det uttrycket och vad betyder det?
  2. Tjahzi

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    I don't know exactly where it comes from, but I suppose wages used to be payed on Fridays. The expression may be used as a motto by (overly) orderly people and as such is sometimes (satirically) uttered by others when encountering what they found to be extreme order. Essentially, it doesn't really mean anything, and you will most likely never have a need for using it yourself.
  3. I agree with what Tjahzi said, I just want to add that, what it means, basically, is that you should 'keep things tidy and organized, on friday you'll get your paycheck'.
  4. Lugubert Senior Member

    Jag har bara hört "Ordning och reda, pengar på freda'."

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