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Swedish: plan 00, -2 r

  • Swedish Anna

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    Swedish, Sweden
    Could it be a typo? Tr (=trappor)
    -2 tr = two levels below the ground floor.
    2 tr= two levels above the ground floor = 3rd floor in the US
    Ha en fin dag!


    I guess it is a two-room storage, as I have seen "2 rums lägenhet" mentioned as "2 r" in an ad.
    In Danish we have the similar "2er" for a two-room apartment.


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    The document that this comes from is not typo-free, but the spelling is good enough overall that the "rum" explanation seems likelier than the typo explanation.


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    That doesn't explain the "-" before the "2".

    Good point, I'm not sure how to explain that detail (given the other surrounding punctuation, etc.).

    However, I still find it surprising (maybe I shouldn't) that someone would make a typo of this significance in such an important part of an official lease contract.