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    Chinese Goetlands
    The pronunciation of extended Latin alphabets in Swedish is difficult for international leaners. I was confused by the "ö".

    IPA of long ö is [ø:]. There's also this phoneme in my native language-Wu Chinese. For instance, we say "Oe"([ø], meaning "safe") in Shanghai while people say "An"([an]) in Beijing, China. I look up Swedish ö and watched youtube videos from some Swedish native speakers. The long ö sounds like IPA [œ].

    Definitely, I can tell the difference between[ø] and [œ] because they all exist in Wu Chinese in Shanghai, "Oe" and "Eu"([œ], one of Chinese surnames). Also, in order to make sure, I found some references of French. French "oe"[œ], "eu"[ø]. The IPA description is correct, Wu "oe" matches French "eu" and Wu "eu" matches "oe".

    As I listen, long ö is [œ:], short ö is [œ], nothing to do with [ø]. Could somebody explain this?
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    Swedish short ö is pronounced [œ].
    The long ö varies between a relatively close [ø:] and a rather open [œ:].


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