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    Hello. In this recording, the name Patrik Andersson is pronounced in the following way:
    X-SAMPA: [p_hA:_Ft4Ik a_Fnd@s`O_Fn]
    IPA: [pʰɑ̂ːtɾɪk ândəʂɔ̂n]

    My question is: why is there no geminated [ʂː] in Andersson? There are two <s> in the spelling.
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    Firstly, Swedish orthography is not as coherent as one would wish. A double consonant may be geminated, but not necessarily. What's essential is to always keep in mind that a stressed syllable will always contain a long phoneme, which can be either a vowel or a consonant/a consonant cluster. As such, a narrow transcription of Andersson would be ['anːdəʂɔn]
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    Thanks, that's clear!

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