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  1. Kajeetah

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    I hope my question is not out of scope of this forum. I'm writing the French version of a Swedish animated movie, via an English translation. One of the characters is a fox, and the English translation says "she" referring to it. I just want to check if here the character is female or if "räven" is always a feminine word, regarless of whether the animal is male or female. Here are a few lines:

    - Aha, du menar räven?
    - Just hon. Den smarta, den elaka.
    - Ja men nej, nej, henne har jag inte sett. Hon äter väl inte nötter?

    Thank you very much in advance!
  2. Patrickb97

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    Hej! I believe that words in Swedish have no gender like in French and other languages in terms of the words being feminine/masculine. From what I have learnt it is either common or neuter, and they are genders only in grammatical sense. Probably a good idea to wait for a native speaker to respond though.

    I think it could be replaced with hen, though I'm not sure.

    I'm interested in what native speakers have to say.
  3. Kajeetah

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    Thank you! That's what I thought. In the meantime I discovered the character IS female. Not good news for my translation into French...
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  4. Cliff Barnes Senior Member

    Couldn't you use "renarde" for a female fox?
  5. Kajeetah

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    The thing is, "la renarde" would be only this particular female fox. If it was a male fox in the story, "le renard" would refer to this particular fox AND to the animal species, which represents a threat for all the characters (rabbits, squirrels etc) I don't know if my explanation is clear. "renard" (masc.) sounds more like the baddie, as a species, than "renarde" Like "the devil". The ultimate threat. :D
    Maybe it's not that important, but as it's a movie for very young kids, certain things must be very straightforward.
  6. MattiasNYC Senior Member

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    Patrick is right. "Fox" is neither masculine nor feminine in Swedish.
  7. Kajeetah

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    Thank you very much for the confirmation!

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