Swedish: ren och skär ilska

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    What is the best translation of "ren och skär ilska"?

    I saw it in a movie and it was not clear... the dictionaries say strange things. Googletranslate says "clean and cut anger" which is not something we would say in English. I guess "pure rage" might work?

    Also, what is "fritt ur hjärtat"? Is it "Free from the heart" - as in "speak freely"? I've seen it a few times in newspapers
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    How about "Red with anger"? :mad::D
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    cineaste, I think I agree on both counts. "Pure rage" is pretty much the gist of it as far as I can see. Since you could probably also say just "ren ilska" it may be more idiomatic to add another adverb, so maybe something like "pure, unadulterated rage". It's not a literal translation of course, but it's about finding what is roughly similar I suppose (although maybe that is a tautology or whatever).

    And as for the second phrase maybe something like "straight from the heart" might be closer. It's not literally "straight" but as you say "freely from", i.e. without "obstacle" I'd say, but on the other hand I think "freely from the heart" sounds less idiomatic than "straight from the heart". After all, if it wasn't "straight" it'd be a detour, also due to an "obstacle".... I think....

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