Swedish: ringt <med> en vän idag


English - England
"Jag ringt med en vän idag."

I immediately understood this example of med as usual as "I rang with a friend today" because it's the word "med" that's always confused me into thinking it means "with".

So could "Jag ringt en vän idag." be used instead....?
  • MattiasNYC

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    "med" shouldn't be there in my opinion, so I think it's correct to get rid of that.

    You have to conjugate the verb "att ringa" properly though (which you haven't).


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    Agreed. Although it should be noted of course that calling someone and speaking to them are different things.

    Also, with that information (specifically) - "talade" - you should be able to conjugate "att ringa" correctly in your version Moorland.