Swedish: ror


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In the novel "Isdraken" (in the penultimate chapter "Rosa rosor") by Mikael Engström, there is a policeman who, as a child, could not pronounce the letter "R". When someone asks him:

"- Kan du säga R nu då?", he answers:

"- Jo, visst. Rosa, rosor, ror, runt, rabatten."

A second policeman reacts as if he is surprised:

"Ror? sa den andra polisen."

Apparently, the is something funny with the word ror.
Is there anyone who can explain this joke to me?
  • If this sentence works the same way in Swedish as in Norwegian, there might be an additional point. If you add one letter to the absurd sentence Rosa rosor ror runt rabatten, you get a sentence that actually makes sense: Rosa rosor gror runt rabatten. It might be that the second policeman had expected to hear "gror" instead of "ror".