Swedish: saker


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I have a question about the two "saker" in the following sentence:

- Men forskningen har varnat för detta i årtionden, så vi har länge varit frustrerade över att inget hänt inom politiken – men nu har saker äntligen börjat hända saker.

Do we need the second "saker", or what function does it have here?

  • MattiasNYC

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    It is most likely just an error. As it is written the second "saker" should be omitted:

    "men nu har saker äntligen börjat hända."

    Alternatively a different word could be used instead for the first "saker":

    "men nu har det äntligen börjat hända saker."

    I think both of those are grammatically correct. My guess is that one of the two was written first and that the author changed their mind and changed the sentence and simply forgot to delete or change a word.