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How would you say "social studies" in Swedish language? It is a subject in school, where students get to know psychology, philosophy etc.

suggestion: sociala studier

Thank you.
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    Sociala studier is a much too litteral translation. If the studies are conducted at university level I would say beteendevetenskap. At lower educational levels it would probably be better with samhällsvetenskap, which includes geography and political studies etc as well.


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    OK, Plopp, except that we have a problem here regarding the definition of 'social studies' - as I understand it, it covers history, religion and politics as well, at least in compulsory school, and then the umbrella term would be SO-ämnen (SO=samhällsorienterande). Samhällsvetenskap, as far as I'm concerned, is something you might study in high school. At university, you would probably study each of the subjects individually or as part of some Master or PhD program.

    Edit: having looked around, I would accept samhällsvetenskap mainly at university level, and then the English term would be social sciences rather than social studies. The original question was about a school subject, which to me means either compulsory or high school, but not university... Sorry to be a pain...

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    Wilma, you're quite right and not a pain... :) . In compulsory school we would call it SO-ämnen (SO for short) and at high school the subjects would be separated into religion, samhällskunskap, psykologi, filosofi, geografi etc.
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