Swedish: stod vid zipline


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Another excerpt (maybe the last) from the physiotherapist's notes about a patient with shoulder issues:

Sedan flera år bekymmer med axeln som triggades igång då han arbetade utomlands, bl a stod vid zipline. Bedömt som AC ledsartros och klassades som en arbetsskada.

I can't resolve what "stod vid" is describing here.

Is it saying that his shoulder problems were aggravated/triggered while standing near/next to a zipline?

Or, is ”stod vid” just a description of the job he had (e.g., he was a zipline attendant), and it's not explicitly stated how he got hurt?

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  • It means that he worked at a zipline, that he was a zipline attendant.

    The expression comes from "stå vid löpande bandet", meaning 'stand (work) at the assembly line', and it's usually used to mean having some kind of monotone work, with little control, something you need few skills to do, you just do the same thing over and over all day.